Best Lightweight Stroller Reviews

The days of pushing a heavy, traditional stroller are gone! Today’s parents get the benefit of updated technology, lightweight aluminum or steel frames, and performance technology.

When shopping for the best lightweight stroller, three factors should stay in mind: ease of use, weight, and comfort for the children.

If parents keep these factors in mind when searching for the best lightweight stroller, they should find an excellent stroller for their family.

The Best Lightweight Stroller: Ease of Use

It may sound obvious but when shopping for a lightweight stroller, you should carefully consider how easy or hard it is to move.

Ease of use is related to the number and quality of wheels, ability to turn and maneuver in tight situations, and even things such as whether there are adjustable handlebars.

When shopping for the best lightweight stroller and thinking about ease of use, consider how you will feel after you’ve been pushing the stroller on a long walk or when moving in a crowded amusement park.

If the stroller seems capable of handling either scenario, then you may have found the best lightweight stroller for you and your family.

The Best Lightweight Stroller: Weight

Strollers can vary greatly in weight and that has real consequences for you. Some lightweight strollers weigh just a few pounds, others weigh forty pounds.

What you want to find is a balance between weight and performance. Some extremely lightweight strollers may sacrifice some creature comforts such as cup holders, extra padding, and storage space in order to be ultra-light. The best lightweight stroller is light but also has the amenities and features you need.

Weight is also important because even a few pounds make a big difference when folding and carrying a stroller. At the end of a long day, a few pounds mean a lot!

The Best Lightweight Stroller: A Comfortable Ride for the Children

When purchasing any stroller, comfort for your kids has to be high on the list of important factors. Things to think about:

Are the seats padded? Is the material breathable? Are there places for cups or for children to play with their toys? If I go over a curb or a large bump, will the stroller absorb the impact?

Your children will be the ones spending their time in the stroller, so make sure that you pick the most comfortable ride for them.

Always remember the sun canopy! Make sure knees and feet stay covered. Some sun canopies come with SPF numbers so you are fully aware of the sun protection for your child.

best leightweight stroller

The Best Lightweight Stroller Review: Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller


If you’re looking for an extremely light stroller, this may be it. Weighing in at only 15.9 pounds, this stroller gets its lightweight nature from an aluminum frame.

There are a lot of wonderful features to be found on the 3D Lite Convenience Stroller. The adjustable seat has a four position recline for your child’s comfort.

There is an adjustable and fully removable sun canopy with a flip-out sun visor so your child is protected from the elements.

For convenience, the frame is easy to fold and has a carry strap, so you can easily carry the stroller when you are on the go.

Not only is there an extra large storage basket but there is also a storage pocket in the back for easy transportation of necessary items.

This may just be the best lightweight stroller!


  • Weighs in at a light 15.9 pounds
  • Anti-shock front wheels
  • Lockable rear wheels
  • Available in six different fashions
  • 5 point safety harness


  • Canopy may not be big enough for some parents
  • May not as compact as expected when folded

slate lightweight stroller

The Best Lightweight Stroller Review: Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller


This is an excellent stroller to travel with, weighing in at under 12 pounds! Not only is it light, it has an extended canopy for major sun coverage for your child.

Just because the canopy is down doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to keep an eye on your baby – the canopy has a peek-a-boo window!

Even though the stroller is lightweight, it can still accommodate a child up to 50 pounds. Your child will enjoy the multi-position reclining seat so that they can nap, and parents will appreciate the 5 point safety restraint system. Parent’s will also love the parent tray with 2 cup holders for drinks, keys and smartphones.


  • Excellent for travel
  • Less than 12 pounds
  • Easy, one hand collapse for folding


  • Handles are not adjustable
  • Tray is narrow so it does not hold children’s cups well

recaro lightweight stroller

The Best Lightweight Stroller Review: RECARO Easylife Ultra-Lightweight Stroller


This is one of the lightest strollers around, at only 13 pounds! Unique among other strollers, this has a six-wheel design with a full suspension system. Lockable front swivel wheels mean you can move quickly when you’re on the move.

One of the greatest advantages of the RECARO EasyLife Stroller is the one hand fold that locks for security.

Not only is that an amazing feature, but the stroller also stands up on its own when folded. Many strollers won’t do that and need to be leaned against a wall. As the stroller folds so compactly, it fits effortlessly into the smallest trunks and spaces.

This is truly a best lightweight stroller for comfort. It has an oversized sun canopy with SPF 50+ protection.

The sides of the stroller increase air through the stroller so your child will feel a cool breeze when you are in motion. The fabrics are also designed to work to balance your child’s temperature for comfort.


  • Mesh parent window so that you can keep an eye on your child
  • Removable parent cup holder
  • Easy push brake so you don’t scuff your shoes
  • Extended storage basket for bottles and diaper bag


  • May not be the best for tall parents as handlebar is not adjustable

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