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Best 3 Wheel Stroller Reviews

black 3 wheel stroller

Many people think that a 3 wheel stroller is automatically a jogging stroller. This isn’t accurate. While it is true that jogging strollers have 3 wheels, not all 3 wheel strollers are joggers.

Anyone buying a stroller needs to be aware of that distinction. If you are looking for a jogging stroller, make sure you read specifications carefully to determine if the 3 wheel stroller you are considering purchasing is specifically labeled for jogging.

3 wheel strollers are loved by parents because they are somewhat of a crossover. 3 wheel strollers have many of the benefits of a traditional stroller but are sporty and allow for easier maneuvering.

These 3 Wheel Strollers often have the comfort of a traditional stroller but in a much sportier package.

These are strollers designed for the active family. If you like getting outside and taking walks with your kids, the 3 Wheel Stroller is for you.

3 Wheel Stroller: Do I Need One?

A 3 Wheel Stroller isn’t just for joggers anymore. They are for anyone who wants a lightweight, high performance stroller that isn’t as bulky and hard to transport as a traditional stroller.

In short, all families would benefit from having a 3 Wheel Stroller in the house. These amazing strollers help parents and children zip around the indoors and the outdoors!

The Benefits of a 3 Wheel Stroller

There are numerous benefits to having a 3 Wheel Stroller. First off, let’s face it: 3 Wheel Strollers are fashionable! They look sporty and hip when you’re walking around town.

However, even more important than their looks is the functionality. 3 Wheel Strollers are designed to be lighter than their traditional counterparts.

That means that you have to exert less work to move the stroller. Often crafted from aluminum to make them ultra-lightweight, a 3 Wheel Stroller generally weighs less than 30 pounds. That’s a major difference from traditional strollers that feel extremely heavy.

The other reason why you might be interested in a 3 Wheel Stroller is the ease of folding them and storing them away.

Many parents know what it is like to battle with a heavy stroller that just won’t fold. With 3 Wheel Strollers, they are often much easier, due to their lightweight nature.

They are easier to get into your car and most will fold easily to be stored in a closet, a trunk of a car or even under a bed.

Finally, 3 Wheel Strollers encourage activity. When it is easier to use a stroller, it is more appealing to get outside and exercise. A 3 Wheel Stroller is a great way to get you and your kids outside.

travel 3 wheel stroller

3 Wheel Stroller Review: Expedition LX Travel System by Baby Trend


This article will review some 3 Wheel Strollers so that you can find one that is a perfect fit for you.

The first 3 Wheel Stroller up for review is the Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium by the popular brand, Baby Trend.

This is an extra special 3 Wheel Stroller because not only do you get the stroller but it also comes with the Baby Trend Flex Lock 5-30 pound infant car seat with lock in car base. Go seamlessly from the car to the sidewalk!

Other features on this 3 Wheel Jogging Stroller are an ergonomic shaped and foam padded push handle, as well as an adjustable sun canopy. This 3 Wheel Stroller will hold a child up to 50 pounds in a comfortable, padded seat that reclines.

Safety features include reflectors for night or low-visibility situations, as well as foam for head protection for your child. This stroller features a 5 point safety harness to keep your child safe and secure.


  • Locking front wheel
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Lightweight steel frame construction
  • Newborn friendly


  • Weighs a bit more than other 3 Wheel Strollers at 41.5 pounds

graco 3 wheel stroller

3 Wheel Stroller Review: Graco Connect Jogging Stroller, Cougar


This stroller may be the 3 Wheel Stroller of your dreams.

The selling feature of this stroller is that it comes with all the accessories that parents need. You won’t have to buy additional accessories or third party accessories for this 3 Wheel Stroller.

It comes with a deluxe parent console with a cupholder, zippered storage pocket and phone pocket. It also has an extra large storage basket for your child’s items.

The tires on this stroller are also remarkable. The Connect stroller features rubber, air-filled tires, as well as a locking front-swivel wheel that has tracking. This means that you’ll have a straighter walk with less movement from side to side.

In terms of comfort for your child, this 3 Wheel Stroller has high-performance fabrics to keep your child comfortable. They include reflectors for visibility.


  • Adjustable, multi-position seat
  • Convertible 3 or 5 point harness
  • Safety tether for parent to stroller
  • Accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats
  • Removable armrest bar for easy access to child


  • Handlebar is not adjustable
  • No quick release for front wheel

black 3 wheel stroller

3 Wheel Stroller Review: Britax 2016 B-Agile 3 Stroller


Britax is known for quality. This 3 Wheel Stroller is no exception. It has a lightweight aluminum frame which means less weight and more portability.

One of the nicest features about this stroller is the quick-fold design which allows you to close the stroller using one hand. Parents know how convenient that feature is!

Another plus is that this stroller is compatible with any Britax infant car seat – just click in and go! You can’t put a price on that convenience.

This 3 Wheel Stroller also has an ultra-tight turning radius. This means that you can make those sharp turns in crowded situations.


  • Extra large storage compartment for necessities
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Extra large canopy to protect your child from the elements with a ventilation window


  • Accessories, such as cupholders for parents and kids, are sold separately
  • No footrest for child
  • Handle not adjustable


Best Umbrella Stroller Reviews

Summer Infant 3D One Convenience Stroller

Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you that an umbrella stroller is necessary and useful when raising children.

An umbrella stroller helps you get outside and enjoy activities even when you have a baby or toddler.

Unlike traditional strollers that are more heavy-duty, umbrella strollers are designed to be a lightweight option for those on the move.

If you’re headed to a picnic, a sporting event, or a walk around the block, you may not want to lug your heavier, traditional stroller.

That’s when umbrella strollers come in! Lightweight and easy to push, they make things a little easier on Mom and Dad.

However, how do you find the best umbrella stroller for your family? It seems an impossible task. This article will provide information, tips and reviews to help you along the way. Soon, you’ll have the best umbrella stroller on the block!

Why Does Every Family Need an Umbrella Stroller?

Children love to ride in strollers, and parents love the freedom that strollers provide. When you have a great stroller, it means that you don’t have to stay in the house or carry a heavy baby in your arms when you venture outdoors.

Umbrella strollers give you the best: easy and safe transportation without the heavy feel of traditional strollers. You can go anywhere and everywhere, and bring your child along safely.

The best umbrella stroller combines easy maneuvering, lightweight portability, price, and comfort for your child all in one package.

You may be thinking, But surely I can’t get all of that in one stroller? This article will show you that it is possible to have a well-made, lightweight and affordable umbrella stroller.

Luckily, we’ve done the research on what makes a best umbrella stroller and are ready to give you the information you need.

The Benefits of Umbrella Strollers: Portability

One benefit of umbrella strollers is that they are often much lighter than regular strollers. Folding them up and storing them is much easier – you won’t have to struggle anymore! A lightweight stroller makes life much easier for everyone in the family because they’re easy to carry and transport.

Umbrella strollers tend to fold very flat, making storage easy. They will fit easily in closets, behind doors and most can be checked at the gate on most airlines.

Nobody wants to struggle to put away a stroller at the end of a long day. With umbrella strollers, you can forget about that!

Sun Protection for Your Little Ones

Another benefit of these strollers is that they provide protection from the sun for your small children. We all know that the dangers of sun exposure and sun burns are real.

With an umbrella stroller, you can easily push your child through the park or to the beach without worrying about them getting too much sun exposure.

Many umbrella strollers provide removable canopies for those times when you don’t mind your child getting a bit more air.

Twin Umbrella Strollers

If you have twins or two small children, you may be thinking that you’ll be left out. What are you supposed to do when you want the accessibility and benefits of an umbrella stroller but you have two kids?

Put your worries aside. You can still get the best umbrella stroller because smart manufacturers have created twin umbrella strollers!

Even though twin umbrella strollers are twice as large, manufacturers have kept them extremely lightweight.

Most use lightweight aluminum for the frames, in order to maximize maneuverability and maintain a light feel. Even with two children, you will be able to move easily around amusement parks, malls and parks.

tangerine umbrella stroller

The Best Umbrella Stroller Review: Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller


This article will review the best umbrella strollers and twin umbrella strollers so that you can find one that exceeds your expectations.

The first umbrella stroller up for review is the Capri Lightweight Stroller by Chicco.

This highly rated umbrella stroller packs a lot of bang for your buck. Weighing only eleven pounds, this stroller has front wheel suspension and a padded, five point harness.

Rather than requiring your child to ride in only one position, this stroller features a two position reclining seat! The lightweight aluminum frame makes this stroller extremely easy for storage and travel.

The features provided on this stroller are ones that are generally only found on full size strollers, making this an extra special stroller.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Umbrella style fold
  • Carry bag and shoulder carry strap provided
  • Basket to keep necessary items close
  • Available for less than one hundred dollars


  • Does not recline completely so not appropriate for newborns
  • Does not come with tray

Summer Infant 3D One Convenience Stroller

The Best Umbrella Stroller Review: Summer Infant 3D One Convenience Stroller


Get ready for one of the best umbrella strollers on the market! The 3D One Convenience Stroller from Summer Infant will make every parent’s life a little bit easier.

This stroller only requires one hand to recline. What else makes it one of the best umbrella strollers? The harness has an easy pop buckle for those days when your hands are full (and parents always have full hands!).

The sun canopy is oversized and can block 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays – no more worrying about your children getting too much sun or a nasty sunburn on your watch!

Amenities for parents include a parent cup holder and heat resistant foam handles for those days when you’re in full sun. Be ready to be the envy of the neighborhood!


  • Easy one handed standing fold with auto lock and carry strap
  • Smooth glide wheels
  • Rear storage pocket and storage basket
  • Adjustable footrest for children
  • Lays completely down to make napping easy
  • Smooth, easy ride for parents and children


  • Two handles means this stroller is difficult to push with one hand
  • No tray or stroller hooks provided

red umbrella stroller

The Best Umbrella Stroller Review: Rocket Lightweight Stroller by Duke


If you are on a budget, this Duke Rocket Lightweight Stroller may be the best umbrella stroller for you. This stroller weighs only 12.5 pounds! This makes it a lightweight and affordable option for many families.

Features include a five point harness system and a large shade canopy to protect your baby’s sensitive skin. An additional feature is the storage basket where you can store toys, bottles and other necessities.


  • Can be pushed with one hand for convenience
  • Can hold children up to fifty pounds
  • Folds compactly making it suitable for travel and storage


  • Not for newborns; designed for those babies who can sit up unassisted
  • Does not recline

 Side by Side Umbrella Stroller

Twin Umbrella Stroller Review: Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side


Transporting two small children can be double trouble, but the Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side twin umbrella stroller makes everything a little easier for stressed parents.

Here’s why: both the canopies and the seats can be independently operated. That means that you can accommodate both children and their individual needs! Taking into account the dual nature of this product, it still weighs in at only 21 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight twin umbrella strollers on the market.

A major selling point for this stroller is the mesh seat back. This allows air to flow through the stroller and cool down your children on those hot summer days. You can’t put a price on comfort!


  • Cool-Climate roll-up mesh seat back for air flow through the stroller
  • Expandable and removable canopies for maximum protection
  • Parent cup holder


  • Each seat only accommodates 35 pounds
  • Tall parent may feel that they have to hunch over to push stroller

maclaren umbrella stroller

Twin Umbrella Stroller Review: Twin Triumph by Maclaren


People love their Maclaren stollers, and the Twin Triumph is a well-designed marvel! This twin umbrella stroller makes transporting two children a snap with its easy maneuvering.

Thoughtfully designed, this twin umbrella stroller fits easily through all standard doorways which means no more struggling to get into the grocery store or library.

A major amenity is the wind-resistant rain cover that is included with purchase of the stroller. Perhaps the most important feature is that this stroller meets the highest safety standards anywhere in the world which gives everyone piece of mind. This is truly a premium quality twin umbrella stroller.


  • Ships fully assembled
  • Easily removable, machine washable seat
  • Two independently operated waterproof canopies
  • Independent multi-position seats


  • May not easy to push on unpaved surfaces
  • Hard to access storage baskets when seats in reclined position

What’s Next? Best Umbrella Stroller

Now that you know the benefits of an umbrella stroller and a twin umbrella stroller, you’re ready to make your purchase!

Armed with these reviews and information on these strollers, get ready to push your kids all over town!

Make sure that you purchase the best umbrella stroller and twin umbrella stroller for your children! The happiness on their faces will thank you for it!


Best Lightweight Stroller Reviews

best leightweight stroller

The days of pushing a heavy, traditional stroller are gone! Today’s parents get the benefit of updated technology, lightweight aluminum or steel frames, and performance technology.

When shopping for the best lightweight stroller, three factors should stay in mind: ease of use, weight, and comfort for the children.

If parents keep these factors in mind when searching for the best lightweight stroller, they should find an excellent stroller for their family.

The Best Lightweight Stroller: Ease of Use

It may sound obvious but when shopping for a lightweight stroller, you should carefully consider how easy or hard it is to move.

Ease of use is related to the number and quality of wheels, ability to turn and maneuver in tight situations, and even things such as whether there are adjustable handlebars.

When shopping for the best lightweight stroller and thinking about ease of use, consider how you will feel after you’ve been pushing the stroller on a long walk or when moving in a crowded amusement park.

If the stroller seems capable of handling either scenario, then you may have found the best lightweight stroller for you and your family.

The Best Lightweight Stroller: Weight

Strollers can vary greatly in weight and that has real consequences for you. Some lightweight strollers weigh just a few pounds, others weigh forty pounds.

What you want to find is a balance between weight and performance. Some extremely lightweight strollers may sacrifice some creature comforts such as cup holders, extra padding, and storage space in order to be ultra-light. The best lightweight stroller is light but also has the amenities and features you need.

Weight is also important because even a few pounds make a big difference when folding and carrying a stroller. At the end of a long day, a few pounds mean a lot!

The Best Lightweight Stroller: A Comfortable Ride for the Children

When purchasing any stroller, comfort for your kids has to be high on the list of important factors. Things to think about:

Are the seats padded? Is the material breathable? Are there places for cups or for children to play with their toys? If I go over a curb or a large bump, will the stroller absorb the impact?

Your children will be the ones spending their time in the stroller, so make sure that you pick the most comfortable ride for them.

Always remember the sun canopy! Make sure knees and feet stay covered. Some sun canopies come with SPF numbers so you are fully aware of the sun protection for your child.

best leightweight stroller

The Best Lightweight Stroller Review: Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller


If you’re looking for an extremely light stroller, this may be it. Weighing in at only 15.9 pounds, this stroller gets its lightweight nature from an aluminum frame.

There are a lot of wonderful features to be found on the 3D Lite Convenience Stroller. The adjustable seat has a four position recline for your child’s comfort.

There is an adjustable and fully removable sun canopy with a flip-out sun visor so your child is protected from the elements.

For convenience, the frame is easy to fold and has a carry strap, so you can easily carry the stroller when you are on the go.

Not only is there an extra large storage basket but there is also a storage pocket in the back for easy transportation of necessary items.

This may just be the best lightweight stroller!


  • Weighs in at a light 15.9 pounds
  • Anti-shock front wheels
  • Lockable rear wheels
  • Available in six different fashions
  • 5 point safety harness


  • Canopy may not be big enough for some parents
  • May not as compact as expected when folded

slate lightweight stroller

The Best Lightweight Stroller Review: Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller


This is an excellent stroller to travel with, weighing in at under 12 pounds! Not only is it light, it has an extended canopy for major sun coverage for your child.

Just because the canopy is down doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to keep an eye on your baby – the canopy has a peek-a-boo window!

Even though the stroller is lightweight, it can still accommodate a child up to 50 pounds. Your child will enjoy the multi-position reclining seat so that they can nap, and parents will appreciate the 5 point safety restraint system. Parent’s will also love the parent tray with 2 cup holders for drinks, keys and smartphones.


  • Excellent for travel
  • Less than 12 pounds
  • Easy, one hand collapse for folding


  • Handles are not adjustable
  • Tray is narrow so it does not hold children’s cups well

recaro lightweight stroller

The Best Lightweight Stroller Review: RECARO Easylife Ultra-Lightweight Stroller


This is one of the lightest strollers around, at only 13 pounds! Unique among other strollers, this has a six-wheel design with a full suspension system. Lockable front swivel wheels mean you can move quickly when you’re on the move.

One of the greatest advantages of the RECARO EasyLife Stroller is the one hand fold that locks for security.

Not only is that an amazing feature, but the stroller also stands up on its own when folded. Many strollers won’t do that and need to be leaned against a wall. As the stroller folds so compactly, it fits effortlessly into the smallest trunks and spaces.

This is truly a best lightweight stroller for comfort. It has an oversized sun canopy with SPF 50+ protection.

The sides of the stroller increase air through the stroller so your child will feel a cool breeze when you are in motion. The fabrics are also designed to work to balance your child’s temperature for comfort.


  • Mesh parent window so that you can keep an eye on your child
  • Removable parent cup holder
  • Easy push brake so you don’t scuff your shoes
  • Extended storage basket for bottles and diaper bag


  • May not be the best for tall parents as handlebar is not adjustable

Best Jogging Stroller Reviews

dark blue jogging stroller

The rise of running as a sport, exercise, and as a leisure activity means there are more runners than ever on the streets and sidewalks.

However, what happens when you’re both an active, athletic person and a parent? Do you have to give up running once you have small children? Absolutely not! Enter the jogging stroller, designed for the parent who loves to be active and workout.

Why a Jogging Stroller?

It is important that parents recognize the necessity of purchasing the best jogging stroller. Jogging strollers are very different from traditional strollers.

Jogging strollers are created with running and activity in mind and, therefore, have very different design elements. Traditional strollers are not recommended for running and heavy exercise.

One of the design differences is that the frame of the jogging stroller is often ultra-lightweight. There are three wheels, instead of four, on jogging strollers.

The suspension on the best jogging stroller is quite different from what you would find on a different style of stroller.

These strollers are designed to take bumps and to maximize ease of use for the runner and the comfort factor for the child.

What Makes the Best Jogging Stroller? Five Factors to Consider

  1. Tires: Look carefully at the tires of any jogging stroller you may be considering. Jogging strollers have three tires instead of four. Theses should be large, stable tires, capable of being fixed in one position, if the terrain or activity calls for it. Locking the front wheel while jogging often adds more stability, so make certain that your jogging stroller’s front wheel can lock.
  2. Performance: How easy does the stroller go? How much extra effort are you required to expend to move the stroller? The best jogging stroller should have an easy ride. You should feel like you are gliding along. The stroller may also have an adjustable handle to make hand placement natural for you.
  3. Alignment: No one wants a jogging stroller that pulls to the left or the right. The best jogging stroller goes easy and straight. Always keep in mind how easy or difficult it is to fix the alignment on any particular stroller if it gets out of whack.
  4. Comfort for your Child: Does the seat recline? Is there a sun canopy to keep out harmful rays? What about the suspension system? Is the fabric soft, yet waterproof? These are vital questions to think about. Remember that your child will also be along for your run. Make sure to give them the smoothest ride possible. A helpful tip: the best jogging stroller has shocks to minimize the bumps to your child.
  5. Handbrakes: Handbrakes can be important on your jogging stroller because they help you maintain control over the stroller while cruising downhill on your run. Many jogging strollers don’t have this feature, so pay special attention and decide if that is an absolute necessity for you.

What If I Have More than One Child?

After having multiple children, it is even more important that parents are healthy and active. Parents with multiple children don’t need to worry.

There are double jogging strollers and even triple jogging strollers available for you and your children! We will review a few of the best double jogging strollers on the market for you! Triple jogging strollers are more rare, but there are still many excellent triple jogging strollers on the market.

Parents know that having multiple young children can be stressful. Regular exercise can help maintain equilibrium and well-being.

Remember: you have to take care of yourself if you’re going to be able to take good care of others. Double and triple jogging strollers make that possible.

instep single joggin stroller

Best Jogging Stroller Review: Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger


This jogger stroller feature a 12 inch front swivel wheel that locks forward when you want extra control and are jogging straight ahead.

The rear tires measure 16 inches and have wide tread for more stability. Weighing in at only 24.5 pounds, this stroller features a lightweight aluminum frame with an exposed spring suspension for a smooth and easy ride. An important factor is that Schwinn replacement parts are readily available.

A very unique and attractive feature on this jogging stroller is the MP3 speaker inside the stroller. This allows your children to listen to music and stay entertained, even on longer runs.


  • Rubberized, adjustable handle
  • Child tray with two cup holders
  • Parent tray with two cup holders
  • Dual trigger folding mechanism for safety
  • Car seat adapter


  • No handbrake
  • May shudder if front wheel not in locked position

blue jogging stroller

Best Jogging Stroller Review: Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller by Joovy


Joovy redesigned and updated their jogger stroller and check out these improvements! This jogger stroller is made with aircraft aluminum and is 10% lighter which means a lighter, breezier run for you.

The new design makes the stroller runs straighter and truer, thanks to a new axle system. The oversized sun canopy provides some of the best sun protection for your child available on the market.

The high riding seat means your child will have greater visibility and will be able to enjoy the ride. This is truly a best jogging stroller!


  • High-end functionality
  • One step linked parking brake
  • Tire pump for topping off tires mid-run means less likelihood for flat tires
  • Easy fold with auto-lock
  • Parent organizer for beverages, keys and phone
  • Easy assembly


  • Handle bar is not adjustable.
  • No handlebar brake.

revolution jogging stroller

Best Jogging Stroller Review: Revolution SE Single Stroller by BOB


There are so many features that make this premium stroller one of the best jogging strollers available.

From the two-position shock absorbers to the lightweight yet strong aluminum alloy frame, this is a beloved jogging stroller.

Easy accessibility is key. With one flip, this jogging stroller is open and ready to roll. When it is time to store it, a two-step folding frame makes it simple.

This stroller is well designed and goes straight and true on surfaces as varied as a rugged trail, gravel or smooth sidewalks.

Easy maneuverability makes it the perfect stroller for tight turns when jogging or even zooming around other shoppers at the mall.

There’s a reason that runners and other active parents rave about BOB jogging strollers and give them consistently high reviews. The Revolution SE truly earns the title of one of the best jogging strollers.


  • Swiveling front wheel for situations that require maneuverability but also able to lock forward for jogging or rough terrain
  • Exceptionally smooth ride for children
  • Peace of mind from limited five year warranty on frame and limited one year warranty on fabric and small parts
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Padded seat that reclines for comfort
  • Extra large canopy that offers exceptional sun protection


  • Price: this is a high end stroller and may be out of reach for some parents
  • Does not have an adjustable handlebar
  • No handbrake
  • No accessories such as a plastic cup holder

best double jogging stroller

Best Double Jogging Stroller Review: Expedition Double Jogger Stroller by Baby Trend


This double jogging stroller uses all-terrain rubber bicycle tires which means that you should be good to go, whether you’re jogging on a trail or just strolling through town.

This is a dual-seat stroller that fits two children, up to 50 pounds each. This double jogging stroller has a locking front swivel wheel and a foot-activated rear brake system.

The best double jogging strollers can often be quite expensive, and this provides an affordable option for active parents.


  • Large storage basket and covered storage compartment
  • Parent tray with 2 cupholders for water during run
  • Multi-position reclining seat for comfort while riding in double jogging stroller
  • 5 point safety harness keeps children in place and safe


  • Does not come with child tray
  • Front wheel may shake when not in locked position

dark blue jogging stroller

Best Double Jogging Stroller Review: BOB Stroller Strides Duallie Fitness Stroller


What an amazing double jogging stroller! BOB does it again. This exceptional stroller comes equipped with a Stroller Strides Fitness Kit which includes BOB Handlebar Console, Stroller Strides Exercise Manual and exercise tubing.

Even better than that wonderful addition is the absolute premium value that comes with this stroller. A state of the art suspension system makes sure every ride is comfortable for your little ones.

This stroller was designed to handle long runs on all kinds of terrain. There’s a wrist strap for safety, holders for cups, and an Accessory Adapter to quickly secure a car seat adapter or snack tray.

This is truly a best double jogging stroller! Now, if they only made this as a triple jogging stroller!


  • Top of class quality in double jogging strollers
  • Storage compartment that can hold a small cooler, snacks and even a small diaper bag
  • Easy gliding and movement during runs or walks


  • Heavier than some double jogging strollers
  • May not fit in smallest cars – make sure to measure your car and compare against specs


Best Bassinet Strollers Review

belecoo bassinet stroller

There are so many things to purchase when a baby comes along. High chair, crib, clothes, toys, diapers—it feels like a never ending list. Parents may be thinking, “Do I really need a bassinet stroller? Why can’t we just get a regular stroller?”

Bassinet strollers aren’t something you can forget about. Bassinet strollers are necessary for newborns and infants.

They are designed so that your child can lie down while you push, as newborns and small infants lack the strength to sit in a traditional stroller seat.

A bassinet allows them to sleep flat while they are pushed in a stroller. This makes for a happy, rested baby and a parent who gets to take a much needed walk.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Bassinet Stroller

Don’t go into the purchase of a bassinet stroller without the proper information. There are several important considerations to keep in mind.

  1. First and foremost is always the comfort of your child. Consider the padding and cushioning in the bassinet. Is there extra padding around the baby’s head so that it doesn’t bounce from side to side? Are the fabrics breathable so that your child stays cool? Can the cushions be removed for easy cleaning? These are all considerations that relate directly to your child’s comfort, so these are important. Give time to finding a comfortable environment for the child.
  2. Another consideration is the smoothness of the ride. What kind of suspension does the stroller have? Are there shocks? Will the stroller absorb unexpected bumps, such as a curb or a tiny pothole? What kind of tires are on the stroller? All of these considerations factor into the smoothness of the ride for your child and the ease you feel pushing the bassinet stroller.
  3. Finally, consider if the bassinet stroller can transition as the infant turns into a toddler. Many of the new bassinet strollers have a bassinet that can transition into a forward or rear facing stroller seat. Other bassinet strollers that don’t transition often have a traditional stroller seat that can be purchased later. This can save you time and money, in the long run.

Reviews: The Best Bassinet Stroller

With so many new bassinet strollers on the market and with many considerations to keep in mind, these reviews will help you decide what bassinet stroller is right for your family.

By the time this article is finished, you’ll be more than ready to purchase your new bassinet stroller.

3 in 1 bassinet stroller

Review 1: Hot Mom 3 in 1 Travel System and Bassinet Combo


Hands down, the Hot Mom 3 in 1 Travel System is one of the most unique bassinet strollers on the market.

With its contemporary egg-shape design, this bassinet stroller is absolutely unique. Be ready for heads to spin when you walk down the street!

This bassinet stroller is ergonomically designed and has the baby riding high which allows the parent to be much closer to their child. It also is helpful in restaurants as the child will be eye level with the table.

This bassinet stroller is almost all leather. This natural material keeps baby cool and also is easy to clean. Leather is also extremely durable so it will wear better.

What is even more amazing about the Hot Mom 3 in 1 Travel System is that it comes with a bassinet and a stroller seat.

Once the child reaches approximately nine months old, you can simply pop out the bassinet and put in the traditional stroller seat. Talk about convenience!

This bassinet stroller may be the most stylish stroller on the streets!


  • Trendy, European design
  • Storage underneath that is accessible from 4 sides
  • Included in purchase is raincover, mosquito net cover, hand pump for wheels, summer sleeping mat, carrycot cover and cup holder!


  • May be difficult to fold

belecoo bassinet stroller

Review 2: Belecoo™ Luxury Newborn Infant Stroller Pushchair Pram


The Belecoo Bassinet Stroller is a beautiful pram designed for children ages 0 to 3. The bassinet is fully adjustable so your baby can sit or lie down.

Not only is the bassinet adjustable, the handle is also adjustable so that your child can face you or face the street.

Safety is critical with the Belecoo. The bassinet stroller has explosion proof wheels, as well as a pedal brake.

The Belecoo is easy to fold and has a solid steel frame.


  • Fully adjustable canopy designed to protect your child from the sun’s rays
  • Large storage basket for necessities
  • Extendable leg rest for child


  • Feeding tray does not come with the bassinet stroller
  • Instructions may be difficult to understand

grey bassinet stroller

Review 3: Roan Kortina Classic Pram Stroller 2 in 1 With Bassinet and Seat

This bassinet stroller may be the one for you! Wonderful features like comfortable suspension and a folding chassis for easy handling and transportation make this a stroller to consider.

While many strollers do not have an adjustable handlebar, the Roan Kortina certainly does! This bassinet stroller doesn’t require a tall parent to hunch over to push their stroller. You can pick the height that works for you!


  • Adjustable backrest and footrest for baby
  • Adjustable sun hood can be used with bassinet or seat to protect your child from sunburn
  • Large metal basket for necessities such as blankets, bottles and toys
  • 5 point safety harness for security
  • Bassinet has carry handles


  • Wheels are fixed, they do not swivel
  • Instructions for assembly and use may not be clear enough
  • May be too big for some parents
  • Can only handle a child up to 33 pounds

Bassinet Strollers: Get the Right One Today

Now that you know the importance of a bassinet stroller, it is important that you find the right one for you and your baby.

Always keep in mind that your child is dependent on you to pick the most comfortable bassinet and stroller for them.

Keeping in mind all the relevant factors, you’ll certainly pick one that is safe, secure and stylish.


Instep Safari Double Jogging Strollers Review

InStep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger

The InStep brand makes some of the most well-known and highly regarded strollers in the world. Instep strollers are both stylish and active, combining form and function. As a result, InStep brand strollers are highly popular with parents of small children.

InStep makes many different models of strollers, designed for various activities. These variety of design models makes InStep a unique company.

While InStep does have many strollers, one in particular stands out for review and analysis: the InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller.

What is the InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller?

The InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller is for the active parent who has multiple children and loves to run and exercise.

This parent needs quality but doesn’t want to break the bank to get a double jogging stroller. InStep Safari Double Jogging Strollers give parents the best of both worlds: excellent quality and a wonderful price that can’t be beat.

Yes, there are more expensive strollers on the market that come with more “bells and whistles” but the InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller provides the best of both worlds.

Who Needs an Instep Safari Double Jogging Stroller?

The Instep Safari Double Jogging Stroller is made for the person with multiple children. Perhaps you have twins.

Perhaps you have a toddler and a younger baby. Maybe you’re a grandparent who often has several of your grandchildren at one time.

Whatever your multiple child configuration, the InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller will allow you to exercise and transport your children safely and comfortably.

You’ll feel comfortable running a 10K or simply walking around your neighborhood. The InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller can handle any scenario.

What are InStep Safari Double Jogging Strollers Known For?

Most importantly, InStep strollers are known for quality and performance. That is what makes them one of the most well-known and regarded stroller brands.

InStep strollers have several well-known features. Almost all come with storage pockets that allow parents to stow away toys, bottles, and snacks.

They usually all include a peek-a-boo window on the canopy which allows you to keep an eye on your children.

They also have carefully designed suspensions to give you the smoothest ride possible. They are also well known for being jogger friendly. Parents who run know to look for the InStep brand.

InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller: The Reviews

InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller

Review: InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller


This particular model of InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller offers many fine and notable features. The name of the product comes from the swiveling front wheel which is helpful in tight corners or with situations where maneuvering is the name of the game.

However, what is remarkable about this InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller is the option one has to lock out the front wheel. By locking out the front wheel, you can go running with extra stability and precision.

In terms of safety, the InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller has a dual trigger folding mechanism to allow for safe and easy folding and storage. Safety is first and foremost with InStep strollers.

All in all, this is a version of the InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller that will make parents happy and children comfortable on their ride.


  • Rubberized grip is slip resistant for comfort
  • Child tray with two cup holders
  • Parent tray with dual cup holders
  • Reclining seats for children
  • Quick assembly at home
  • Durable and easy to clean material


  • Can seem heavy compared to other strollers
  • May not fit in smaller cars – measure carefully and review specs

InStep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger

Review: InStep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger


The Grand Safari is even better than the original InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller! There are extra features added to the Grand Safari that make it the best InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller.

Higher end features on the Grand Safari include an exposed spring suspension for a smoother ride. This is the most important benefit to the Grand Safari.

There is also a built-in MP3 speaker for the kids to keep them entertained as you exercise.

The Grand Safari even comes with faux lambskin seats for the ultimate in comfort for your little one. Don’t worry: these seat covers are easily removable, if the weather heats up.


  • Front swivel with remote lockout
  • Dual trigger folding mechanism for safe folding
  • Pivoting child tray with cup holders
  • Double seats that recline independently
  • Double canopy with ample sun protection for small children
  • Adjustable handle with easy grip


  • This stroller may seem heavier than others
  • Seats must be all the way reclined when folding

Accessories for InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller: Review

Once you’ve purchased your InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller, you may want to consider purchasing some of the branded accessories.

One of the most necessary is the InStep Weather Shield Double. This is a durable plastic weather shield that completely covers the stroller in times of nasty weather.

The shield is designed for the InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller and other compatible strollers in the InStep family.

This shield can be quickly attached when the weather turns ugly and will keep your children safe and warm.

It completely covers the footrest so every part of your child will be rain-free. There are breathing holes on the tops and sides so that children can get fresh air even while staying warm and dry.

The only Con is that you must remember to remove the parent tray in order to have the Weather Shield fit correctly.

Once it is on, the Weather Shield for the InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller will do all the work to keep your children happy and comfortable.

Enjoy Your InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller

You’ve got the information you need to decide if the InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller is the best jogging stroller for you and your children.

Having multiple children doesn’t mean being stuck inside. The InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller will get you out on the streets with your children, exercising and enjoying life. Enjoy your travels!