How to Choose the Best Diaper Bag - Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a new parent or you routinely care for babies, you’ll find that our diaper bag buyer’s guide helps you to select the ideal style. Since you’ll probably be using this bag a lot, it’s wise to check out several options before you make a final decision.

We want you to select the perfect style and our guide to how to choose a diaper bag will help you to find something affordable which looks the way that you want it to and comes with all of the right features…

To help you decide from the best diaper bags, we’ll talk about what a diaper bag is, how to choose one, the types of diaper bags, things to think about while you’re shopping around for these products and size considerations. With this guide we hope to provide you with enough information to make your decision and empower you as a consumer.

Knowing what’s available and which features diaper bags usually have will help you to make a smart decision about what to buy. Some people purchase just one diaper bag, while others buy more than one. For example, a couple who have a baby may buy one diaper bag each or decide to share one.

Without further ado, let’s talk about how to choose a diaper bag and share a lot of other relevant facts about these practical designs.

How to Choose a Diaper Bag

First of all, you may want to consider your budget. In general, these types of diaper bags come in budget, mid-range and high-end styles. Bags on the budget end of the spectrum will typically cost twenty dollars or less. Mid-range designs will generally range in price from over twenty bucks to fifty bucks and high-end designs will almost always cost more than fifty dollars. Some designer styles may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Some people want style. In other words, they want diaper bags which are very fashionable and maybe even status symbols. For these types, there are diaper bags from the world’s premier brands…the sorts of brands that put on runway shows in Paris, Milan and New York! However, it is very safe to say that most people aren’t as concerned about style when it comes to choosing diaper bags. They prefer functionality. For these people, there is an array of budget and mid-range styles.

If budget isn’t something that you’re worrying about a lot, investing in a high-quality bag may be wise, especially if you’re planning on having more babies in the future. If you spend more on a quality bag, it will hold up well over time and you’ll be able to use it again for the next one. Some budget bags may be a little cheap and flimsy, although this isn’t always the case.

When you’re shopping around, look for reviews of diaper bags that you are interested in, as doing so may help you to find the styles which do offer quality at any price point. Reviews are great comparison-shopping tools for savvy shoppers and you’ll typically find a lot of reviews at larger online retailers and review websites. Finding out what people have to say about particular products and checking their overall ratings is one sure-fire way to find a diaper bag which is a great investment.

Diaper bags come in a lot of different fabrics. If you want basic functionality, consider something synthetic and easy-care. For example, nylon diaper bags may be wiped down if they get dirty. If you’re outside a lot, getting something weather-resistant or weatherproof will make a lot of sense.

Those who want more decorative bags should be able to find some chic styles in leather, canvas or cotton. There is really something for everyone, from mass-produced designs (via big brands) to artsy styles which may be accessed at online marketplaces. You may even find a diaper bag which is one of a kind.

Types of Diaper Bags

There are three main styles of diaper bags. The first type is the backpack style, which is quite convenient to use, as it allows for hands-free ease. If you don’t mind carrying a bag on your back and you would rather have your hands free in order to care for your baby and perform any other tasks that come up, this may be the type of diaper bag that you’ve been looking for.

With a backpack style, you’ll be able to push a stroller or carry a baby while you have your diaper bag strapped to your back. You’ll find that the weight of most filled-up diaper bags isn’t very heavy, so carrying a diaper bag in this manner shouldn’t trigger any back pain. However, if you do overload the bag, you may have issues with back or neck strain. So, be careful to take along what you need and to avoid anything unnecessary.

Another main category of diaper bag is the sling style, which is ideal for shorter trips out and about. A sling bag also allows for hands-free performance. However, it will wrap around the body diagonally, via its wide strap, and the bag itself will rest on the hip or close to it, so it may get in the way a bit more than a backpack does. Since it will hang there, it’s usually better for shorter jaunts with the baby.

Sling diaper bags look pretty fashionable. They wrap across the body with wide straps, so they are also quite comfortable. However, if you carry a baby in a front-style carrier, you may find that your sling diaper bag gets in the way. Those who push strollers instead or utilize back carriers for babies should be fine with this style. It’s wise to think about what you’re usually doing outside and carrying around before choosing a diaper bag style. You should be able to find something which meshes perfectly with your lifestyle.

These bags often look quite a bit like the messenger bags that students, commuters and bike couriers use in order to tote their stuff along with them. They have quite a modern look and this definitely appeals to some consumers.

The last style is the classic tote-style diaper bag. It features shorter straps or shoulder straps. It’s a traditional style which is easy to carry along. However, unless it has a shoulder strap, you won’t enjoy hands-free ease while you’re carrying it. It’s best to find one with a zipper, as it will keep your belongings and baby supplies secure.

Most diaper bags of the tote style have zippers, whereas a lot of basic totes don’t. So, buying a tote-style diaper bag may be preferable to using an existing tote bag with an open top. You don’t want the things that you need falling out while you’re in transit.

You may find bags which combine features. For example, some diaper bags convert to backpacks for extra convenience. If this appeals to you, restrict your Web searches to convertible designs. There should be some excellent styles available. Having the ability to convert the bag as-needed will provide you with more ease, so it’s worth looking for this type of design if you want the ultimate in functionality. You may need to pay a little more for a bag with convertible features, as it may cost more to make. However, there are lots of affordable styles in this price range.

Things to Think About

Sometimes, gender may play a role in which type of bag is selected. For example, a dad or male guardian may prefer something which is less cutesy than other, more traditional types of diaper bags, which may be decorated with motifs, such as cartoon storks, babies and so on.

For men who want something more subtle and refined, basic black bags are available which look quite a bit like messenger bags or laptop bags. Lots of neutral colors are also out there, such as beige, navy blue and dark brown.

Women may prefer a more feminine and stylish diaper bag. They may go for traditional styles with cute motifs or select something which looks more like a woman’s tote or “shopper” bag. There are tons of options for ladies and there should be something available which is just perfect for your personal style.

Size Considerations

Typical diaper bags are large enough to carry a few diapers, baby wipes, baby lotion, baby powder and a change of baby clothes. Some oversize styles are out there which offer more space for everyday essentials. You’ve surely seen the standard sizes at a ton of malls and out on the street. They are sized very well for most people and they are all that most people need. However, someone who has twins or triplets may benefit from an oversized style. As well, someone who wants their diaper bag to double as a purse may prefer a larger style.

Some bags will be very simple in design. Whether you choose a standard-size or oversized diaper bag, you should be aware that their interior layouts may vary widely. Some will have pockets inside and others will not.

If you want interior pockets, which are perfect for all sorts of smaller objects, such as smart phones, wallets and hand sanitizer, just check out styles with interior pockets while you’re shopping around. Product descriptions should indicate which types of bags have these pockets.

They are useful, as they make it easier to keep items separate. Some internal pockets may zip up and others won’t. Also, many diaper bags have convenient pockets on the outside which may zip up or not zip up. If you don’t want exterior pockets, you’ll certainly be able to find a style that does offer pockets-free performance.

How to Shop for These Designs

The Internet offers access to a world of selection. This is why shopping for a new diaper bag via the World Wide Web will be such a great way to compare styles. However, the Web also offers a lot of good deals, so it may be possible to save some cash when you shop online. Naturally, you’ll need to factor the cost of shipping into your order. That being said, a lot of online retailers offer low-cost shipping or free shipping.

When shopping around at websites which carry diaper bags, be sure to utilize internal search engines in order to customize your searches. Now that you know the features of certain bags and which styles are available, you’ll be able to add details to your search keywords which help you to find diapers bags which are ideal for your taste and requirements.

Also, you should be able to search by price point. This is a great way to save time as you won’t waste time looking at bags which are too cheap, or, conversely, too costly. However, if you have a little time, it may be fun to see what’s available at every price point. You may decide to spend a bit more in order to access more style, quality and features.

Shop for a Diaper Bag Today

Now that you have the inside scoop on diaper bags, you’ll be ready to decide which styles are preferred. Since you have some facts to work with, you’ll be in a better position to find something appropriate and to get a great deal. Once you’ve looked around online, you may get an even better sense of what’s right for you. Even people who plan to shop locally will find that browsing local retailer websites is a great way to find the right diaper bags for the right prices.

Once you’ve purchased a new diaper bag, you’ll be able to store everything that your precious baby needs in one convenient place. You’ll find that your diaper bag makes it easier to care for your infant in a range of environments, from malls to parks to playgroups and beyond. Diaper bags are really everyday essentials for most parents, guardians and babysitters. They make the task of changing an infant simpler and faster, because everything is stored within easy reach.